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Ways to Stop Tree Growth

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There are times its necessary to stop or inhibit the growth of trees in your yard. Your garden might need more sunlight where the larger tree hinders or the branches might interfere with the growth of nearby trees. There are a few things to be aware of, and this type of task will require extra […]

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Top 7 Landscaping Design Trends of 2018

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Are you looking to upgrade your lawn and improve the look of your landscape and curb appeal? This year, it’s all about growing your own fruits and vegetables, growing native plants, and creating comfortable seating areas. Water and energy efficiency is becoming more popular each year, so installing a water-preserving irrigation system is another eco-friendly […]

Flowers that Attract Butterflies

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Butterflies usually feed on the nectar of flowers; therefore, if you wish to increase the number of butterflies that visit your flowers, then you must ensure you plant the right type of flowers and shrubs in your garden. Also, you need to remember the fact that some butterflies will only lay eggs on some specific […]

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List of Full Sun Flowers for Pots

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To grow flowers in full sun, particularly within pots is not that easy unless you choose to grow varieties that can withstand these harsh conditions. Flowers that can do well in full sun can also withstand extreme heat and drought, therefore they can be grown in pots too. The following flowers can withstand the tropical […]

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How To Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

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Introduction Fleas can be a real menace and very bad experience in any kind of home, and controlling them might be so challenging. In fact, you might think that you have got rid of them from inside your home and even on your pets only to realize that you forgot to deal with the root […]