Landscaping Around a Tree with Exposed Roots

mulch covering tree roots

When it comes to landscaping, exposed tree roots can get in the way. This normally occurs due to the root system growing in poor conditions. The two most common causes are clay-rich soil, or a hard foundation beneath the topsoil. Either circumstance prevents the tree roots from digging more deeply into the ground. They respond … Read more

How to Improve Soil Aeration

aerating lawn

Aerating your soil is very important. It’s a key step to keeping your grass healthy and green. Aerating also keeps your soil beds fresh and able to provide proper nutrients for grass, flowers, and shrubs. Why Aerate? Keeping on top of soil aeration is a good practice to have, as it helps nutrients reach the … Read more

Keeping Your Yard Healthy Through Fall and Winter


While spring and summer are the seasons of active growth for most Texas plants, fall and winter are a great time to do a bit of maintenance work to keep everything healthy. So what are the most important lawn care chores to attend to during the cooler months? Mowing and Watering Neither of these tasks … Read more

The 3 Best Indoor Plants That Don’t Need A Lot Of Maintenance

Jade Plant

The effect that green plants can have on home interiors can often be striking. Homeowners don’t usually realize that such a subtle addition to the living room for example, can have such a drastic and positive aesthetic effect. Indoor plants can easily blend into both classic and modern homes. The problem is that people (me … Read more

Shade Plants That Are Easy to Care For

sunpatiens shade plant

Everyone loves a beautiful garden with verdant foliage and beautiful flowers blooming. But not all of us have time to care for fickle plants that would wither without careful tending. Wouldn’t we all love to spend hours in our garden each week, caring for vibrant plants which bring us joy? Sure, but the truth is, … Read more