The 3 Best Indoor Plants That Don’t Need A Lot Of Maintenance

Jade PlantThe effect that green plants can have on home interiors can often be striking. Homeowners don’t usually realize that such a subtle addition to the living room for example, can have such a drastic and positive aesthetic effect.

Indoor plants can easily blend into both classic and modern homes. The problem is that people (me included) can often find them such a hassle to care for and maintain.

Gardening outdoors in the front yard as a hobby is one thing. But when you go into the house, you want to forget about all that snipping and pruning altogether.

Here are 3 great indoor plants that require minimum care:

1) Devil’s Ivy

This is an incredibly resilient plant that doesn’t need your constant care to thrive. In fact, it might even feel insulted if you spend an extra minute of care on it!

They are so named as they are known to climb up trees in the forest in an effort to get more sunlight and water. This can supposedly deprive a tree from gathering it’s own nutrients from the environment.

Some come in bright green that can immediately spruce up any living space at home. And if you have grown sick of it in the living room, you can easily place it in the bathroom and let it go about its job of freshening up the air.

2) Jade Plants

This evergreen shrub gets its pet name “jade” due to the appearance of its foliage. It has thick branches and wonderfully succulent leaves, so much so that their leaves can often resemble jade stones!

They can be small enough to keep in a tiny pot, or even on one of those squarish pots that are commonly used for bonsai trees. This makes them easy to move about, so you can reposition them as you see fit.

On top of that, the jade plant has feng shui significance that supposedly attracts wealth and luck for its owners. That’s one more fun reason to have them in your home.

3) Cactus

How could anyone forget about cacti when discussing indoor plants? They are adorable and tough plants that can withstand as much hardship as manual laborers in third world countries!

But when we talk about cactus, we often think about the thorny plant with a semi-circle shape. With over a thousand different known species, cactus actually comes in all manner of shapes and sizes. Advancement of bio-engineering techniques also means that they can come in a huge variety of colors.

And with the general demand for them, you can be assured that you can find on with an appearance and size which your would find appropriate for your home. Just be wary of the thorns of these things. They might not be suitable for homes with small children.


Brightening your indoor space with greenery literally adds life and vibrance to any room. These 3 plants are beautiful, hassle-free choices that require almost no upkeep at all.

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