Are Vines Poisonous?

There are many plants that you can include in your garden. But in recent years, homeowners have been loving flowering vines, and for good reason. They are so beautiful and refreshing. Including some vines in your yard is an innovative way to incorporate more nature into your backyard design. However, some vines may also have … Read more

7 Best Ground Cover Plants for Hard to Grow Areas

ajuga ground cover lavender flowers

7 Best Ground Cover Plants for Hard to Grow Areas The right ground cover plants can play two important roles in your yard. First, they will protect the soil underneath from the torments of weather, and secondly, these plants will add a lush and beautiful new look to your landscape. However, the most important thing … Read more

Top 10 Award-Winning Garden Design Ideas

garden landscaping

It’s 2021 and more and more people are loving the idea of turning their backyards into a glamorous extension of their homes. Indeed, there has been a major change in how people approach gardening in these times. Before, gardens were more about function than style; nowadays, more people are starting to infuse style with function … Read more

Landscaping Around a Tree with Exposed Roots

mulch covering tree roots

When it comes to landscaping, exposed tree roots can get in the way. This normally occurs due to the root system growing in poor conditions. The two most common causes are clay-rich soil, or a hard foundation beneath the topsoil. Either circumstance prevents the tree roots from digging more deeply into the ground. They respond … Read more

How To Improve Lawn Soil

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Healthy grass is what every lawn fan desires. But it’s not an easy dream. It takes time, effort, and money before you can turn that green turf into a reality. It’s a long process that won’t happen overnight. A healthy lawn requires fertile soil. For established turf, improving and maintaining the soil quality can be … Read more

Top 7 Landscaping Design Trends of 2018

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Are you looking to upgrade your lawn and improve the look of your landscape and curb appeal? This year, it’s all about growing your own fruits and vegetables, growing native plants, and creating comfortable seating areas. Water and energy efficiency is becoming more popular each year, so installing a water-preserving irrigation system is another eco-friendly … Read more