Are Vines Poisonous?

There are many plants that you can include in your garden. But in recent years, homeowners have been loving flowering vines, and for good reason. They are so beautiful and refreshing. Including some vines in your yard is an innovative way to incorporate more nature into your backyard design. However, some vines may also have … Read more

7 Best Ground Cover Plants for Hard to Grow Areas

ajuga ground cover lavender flowers

7 Best Ground Cover Plants for Hard to Grow Areas The right ground cover plants can play two important roles in your yard. First, they will protect the soil underneath from the torments of weather, and secondly, these plants will add a lush and beautiful new look to your landscape. However, the most important thing … Read more

Flowers that Attract Butterflies

Butterflies usually feed on the nectar of flowers; therefore, if you wish to increase the number of butterflies that visit your flowers, then you must ensure you plant the right type of flowers and shrubs in your garden. Also, you need to remember the fact that some butterflies will only lay eggs on some specific … Read more

Toxic Garden Plants

hydrangea toxic plants

[wds id=”2″] The presence of beautiful and well-grown garden plants gives an aesthetic touch to the home. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, some common house and garden plants also happen to be toxic. They can carry not only health risks, but also life-threatening hazards, especially if not carefully handled. To stay safe and … Read more