Top 10 Award-Winning Garden Design Ideas

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It’s 2021 and more and more people are loving the idea of turning their backyards into a glamorous extension of their homes. Indeed, there has been a major change in how people approach gardening in these times. Before, gardens were more about function than style; nowadays, more people are starting to infuse style with function when designing their gardens. 

If you’re one of those people, then you might get some inspiration from the following award-winning garden design ideas: 

  • An Emphasis on Nature

There’s no doubt that there has been a greater deal of emphasis on nature and its restorative benefits in the past year than in the years before. This trend is called “rewilding” and is all about returning the land to all sorts of natural habitats at varying levels. In this design, green structure is more important than hard landscaping.

  • Soothing, Neutral Tones

Bold, bright colours are out and neutral shades are in this 2021. Nowadays, neutrals are a preference for many of the best garden designers London has to offer as they feel they can do more with such shades, especially in an urban setting. 

  • Multiple Levels

As opposed to conventional, single levels, multiple levels help to give designers the opportunity to play around with various materials. For instance, terracing is a way that you can create usable spaces while making use of the cut and fill of the land. 

  • Protecting the Bees

More people now are environmentally conscious, and this reflects in their choice of flowering plants. They are now choosing specific types of flowers that greatly attract pollinators, in an attempt to protect the reportedly declining bee population. Salvias are one such example as they bloom for a long time and need minimal maintenance.

  • Bricks and Mortar

Bricks with stone borders give the same effect of having rugs on your floor, comparably speaking, as it helps to anchor the space and any furniture set up in the area. They add a sense of movement to a garden while still staying within the same material palette. 

  • Self-Sufficient Vegetable Plots

The pandemic has further put a spotlight on the idea of “growing your own.” That is, an increasing number of people are now starting their own vegetable plots. Food is one of the basic human needs, and being in lockdown has provided many of us with the opportunity to  produce our own food without having to venture out of our backyards. 

  • Thinking Big

Many garden designers nowadays recommend the addition of large-scale trees or shrubs to a garden to create the image of grandeur and to enhance a space’s visual impact. In this trend, it’s important to choose the right tree species and variety. 

  • A Preference for Minimalism

The saying “less is more” has now reached the garden designing industry, with the trend being to focus on creating toned down designs but at the same time paying great attention to the details and finishings. 

  • Romantic Themes

While productive gardens—that is, vegetable plots—are also very much in trend, many designers and homeowners also decide to mix their vegetables with flowers as the image of these plants together adds a certain romantic flavour to their outdoor spaces. 

  • Recycling and Repurposing

Another environmental theme that is widely popular is the practice of using recycled and repurposed materials in the garden. Aside from creating a unique look, it also gives it an adaptive landscape that fits our changing world. 


From the above trends and ideas, we can see that more people are becoming aware of environmental issues, adapting their gardening practices to the needs of the modern world. 


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