How To Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

getting rid of fleas
Nobody wants fleas

Fleas can be a real menace and very bad experience in any kind of home, and controlling them
might be so challenging. In fact, you might think that you have got rid of them from inside your
home and even on your pets only to realize that you forgot to deal with the root of the
The yard of your home is the root of the problem and you should think of how you can prevent
it from being infested with fleas. This the place where pets pick the fleas and then run with
them into your home.
There are so many ways you can use to get rid of fleas from your yard, but it will be up to you to
figure out the best method you can use to control them.

stop fleas with flooding

  • Flood the yard with water
    A flooded lawn is no place that Flea larvae and eggs can survive. You will be required to make
    sure that you periodically flood your lawn so that the fleas can be killed. In so doing, you will be
    ensuring that the feces from the adult fleas are washed away and this will reduce their chances
    of survival.
    During the rainy season it will be easier since the water from the rain will flood the area, but if
    it’s a dry season, you will have to cut the grass then flood the area which will prevent further

spraying for fleas

  • Spray the yard with insecticides
    Whenever you have fleas in your yard and you want to get rid of them, you will be required to
    go for insecticides that are environmentally friendly. You should follow the instructions
    carefully before spraying to avoid contaminating water in ponds and lakes. It will also be
    necessary to protect yourself by wearing protective clothing and then ensuring that you keep
    toys of your children away when spraying.
    Be thorough when spraying the yard especially the areas where the fleas are including fences,
    garden furniture and around trees.
  • Use nematodes in getting rid of fleas
    This is one of the natural ways to use in order to get rid of fleas from your lawn. It’s a safe way
    of controlling fleas since nematodes are harmless to human beings, pets and also plants. They
    are sprayed into the yard to eat the flea larvae.
getting rid of fleas
Cedar Chips are a flea deterrent
  • Using cedar chipsThis is another natural approach that you can use to get of fleas from your yard. What you will be required to do is to just spread the cedar chips in your entire yard. The smell from the cedar will prevent the fleas from getting to your yard and also killing them.


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  1. I moved to Texas from a place where we got heavy rain. Since it was in a valley setting, the yard regularly got flooded and I think this is the main reason fleas were never an issue nor were ticks or other mites with my cat or dogs. Since moving to Texas, both my dogs have had fleas 2 times and my cat had them once. I think I will try flooding the yard. How often should I do this? Once a week? Every other week? Once a month?


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