List of Full Sun Flowers for Pots

To grow flowers in full sun, particularly within pots is not that easy unless you choose to grow varieties that can withstand these harsh conditions. Flowers that can do well in full sun can also withstand extreme heat and drought, therefore they can be grown in pots too.

The following flowers can withstand the tropical heat and can grow in full sun. They are also so lovely and are common to find. They include:

lantana full sun potted plants


This a very common tropical flower that grows throughout the year. You can find it in a variety of color shades such as red, yellow, orange, and many more. It thrives in isolation and can withstand extreme heat. It becomes better in the afternoon when there is more sun. It can only be possible as an annual flower and only in mild climates

pentas full sun potted plants


These flowers are so beautiful and they have sweet smelling nectar which makes them look so attractive to bees, hummingbirds, and sunbirds. Pentas are tough and they withstand extreme heat which makes it possible for them to grow in pots. It is a tropical flower which can be grown in USDA Zones 9-11 as a perennial flower and as an annual flower below those zones.


hibiscus flowers full sun


This is one of the most common flowering plants which is so easy to maintain, can be grown in pots, and can be available in a variety of color shades for both temperate and tropical climates. Tropical hibiscus can withstand a temperature of 100 F and more.




This is an amazing needle-like plant with small brightly colored flowers which can be grown in a pot, and in hanging baskets and it does well in tropic and temperate zones. They are tough and they can withstand extreme heat and drought.


It offers a thrilling display of very large and pure white flowers with fragrance and has a close resemblance to morning glory. This large vine can be grown in a large pot.t produces flowers throughout the year in subtropical heat, and it can be grown as an annual in temperate regions. Moonflower plant can grow up to a height of 6-15 feet in a season.

plumbago full sun potted plants


Plumbago is a beautiful vine which is an African native shrub. This African native shrub which does well in minimal care and in extreme heat has sky blue flowers that appear almost throughout the year if it’s grown in the right conditions.

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