Flowers that Attract Butterflies

Butterflies usually feed on the nectar of flowers; therefore, if you wish to increase the number of butterflies that visit your flowers, then you must ensure you plant the right type of flowers and shrubs in your garden. Also, you need to remember the fact that some butterflies will only lay eggs on some specific plants. Therefore, you can also help these species to survive in the future.

Taking into account different flowers and shrubs for different seasons, it is imperative you provide them with a steady food supply and ensure that your garden is a home for these beautiful insects no matter the time and season of the year. Also, the more you provide food for these butterflies, the more the species of butterflies that your flowers can attract. Therefore, you need to plant a garden that will always offer a continuous bloom as butterflies are usually active from spring to fall. Besides, butterflies like sunny open spaces, freshwaters, and shelters from the wind. They specifically look for hosts where they can quickly lay their eggs. Therefore, herbs are known to be attractive to butterflies because they make an excellent environment for the butterflies to lay their eggs.

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List of Flowers that Attract Butterflies

  1.    Primrose

Primrose is usually a hardy bloomer that comes in various colors ranging from yellowish color to purple. They are known as fragrant flowers, and when primroses are planted in the shade probably in the spring, they can bloom all through summer.

  1.    Common Nettle

If common Nettle is planted in a sunny area, it automatically becomes a perfect place for small tortoiseshell, Peacock, and Red Admiral butterflies to lay eggs on in June. The caterpillars will then be munching on the leaves from sometimes July through to November.

  1.    Wallflower

These are short-lived perennial flowers available in different colors. They usually bloom from spring throughout to summer.

  1.    Butterfly Bush (otherwise known as Buddleia):

Depending on the particular variety planted, this will flower from spring throughout summer and sometimes to autumn. Usually, it is available as a tree or shrub, with deciduous and evergreen species available. These flowers are generally strongly scented flowers, and they are in various colors including purple, pink, and white.

  1.    Lavandula or Lavender

Lavandula as it is usually called flowers in summer through to autumn, and it is known as a charming scented flower. To attract butterflies, ensure you plant a few Lavender or Lavandula together, and they prefer dry type and drained soil in full sun.

  1.    Ice plant

These ice plants usually flower in the summer through late autumn. Usually, it has lots of tiny and small pink flowers preferred to be planted in full sun.

  1.    Common ivy

Common ivy is an evergreen and common climber. It usually has light yellow flowers which appear from September all through to October. It provides an excellent source of late nectar for butterflies.

  1.    Common Dog Violet

Common Dog Violet is a type of wildflower, and it flowers in March all through to May. Although it is not really a scented type of flower, it attracts various fritillary butterflies who always lay eggs on the flowers.

  1.    Syringa or Lilac

It is a hard deciduous shrub and flowers from May all through to June. It usually has pink and scented white flowers. It creates a powerful attraction and a home for butterflies.

  1.    Hebes

We cannot but mention this Great Orme which is one of the best types of plant that attracts butterflies. Hebes are evergreen and can flower for several months.


With the above-given information in mind, choosing these wonderful and beautiful flowers added to your garden is a fantastic idea. Therefore, it is pleasant to research and look at some of the available different flowering plants in bloom. These great flowers will add some vibrancy and colors to your garden decoration.

However, it will be great to know that you’ve contributed immensely to the environment by providing shelters for butterflies, and at the same time, bringing beauty to your home or garden.

It will also create a fantastic ambiance to bring family and friends.

In conclusion, it is imperative to understand which type of butterfly is native in your geographical location when choosing your type of flowers and plants.

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  1. My daughter and I really enjoy butterflies and it seems these last two years, there just hasn’t been nearly as many. We did plant lavender but didn’t notice anymore showing up. I think the kind that I got was a more hardier species so maybe that is why? I think we will try some common nettle next seeing as it is relatively cheap at the local plant shop. Thanks for the info!


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