Best Shade Trees Around Pools

Whenever someone mentions a pool, all that comes into your mind is the aspect of sunlight. Pools are very excellent when it comes to keeping so many families outdoor and giving them some bit of entertainment during the hot and sunny days particularly those that are experienced during the summer season. It’s increasingly very necessary these days for so many pool lovers to access some shade while at the pool.

There are so many reasons why so many people prefer shade including protecting themselves from the UV rays, avoiding the hot sun and sunburns. This has made so many pool owners look for solutions for shade.

There are so many solutions for shade in pools but planting trees near a pool can offer a number of benefits to the pool users including enjoying the nature and beauty of trees.

Some of the best shade trees around pools include:

Palm tree

Palm trees are a good choice of trees for both privacy and shade around pools. They can work for both tropical and non-tropical landscaping and they can grow to a height of 50 feet. It has a smooth trunk and a canopy with dark green leaves with double rows of lanceolate shape and is at least 18 inches long. During summer the female palm produces flowers that range in white, grey and cream colors. The stalks of the queen palms need to be pruned carefully to prevent them from dirtying the pool environment.

Queen’s palm is moderately drought resistant and it is sun resistant, making it a very good choice for shade trees around pools. It can also do well in wet soils.

Juniper tree

This type of tree can be ideal if you are looking to have a traditional look around your pool. Generally, they are hardy and they can withstand harsh conditions like drought which means that they can be ideal for both privacy and shade.

Skyrocket is a type of juniper tree is compact and narrow, has gray and green foliage and can reach a height of 40 feet making it so great for privacy and shade.

Banana tree

This kind of trees grow very fast and can grow up to a height of 15 feet within few weeks. They have very broad and long leaves that form a canopy around pools to provide shade. They can grow under warm conditions and at any type of warm soil.

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