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How Long To Water New Sod

sod-grassEstablishing your new sod grass is not a complicated process. Sod should be laid on your dry soil the day it arrives. If temperatures are above 80° the soil should be moistened the day before to cool soil temperatures. How long to water new sod? Begin watering new grass sod within a half hour after it is laid on the soil.

Do Not Over Water

After the sod is installed, the initial watering should soak the sod and hydrate the soil. Keep the lawn moist at all times.  Remember the key is to Keep the soil moist and not soaked. Too much water will cause algae and fungus to grow.

Apply at least 1 inch of water so that the soil beneath the turf is very wet. Ideally, the soil 3 to 4 inches below the surface should be moist. During the 4 weeks, Stay Off the Grass.

Day 1:

Immediately after sod installation the first watering should be about 45- 60 minutes depending on how hot it is outside, and if you have rotors or pop-up irrigation heads. (45 mins for pop-ups and 60 mins for rotors approximately.)

You will water your lawn two more times that same day. These times for only 15-20 minutes each approximately. Please be sure that your water is being fully absorbed by the lawn and is not soggy or boggy wet.

If you have a large amount of sod that you will be laying all in one day we recommend that you start watering your lawn in sections. By the end of the day your first few rolls have not dried out. This is very helpful when it is hot outside.

Day 2 to Day 15:

You will be watering your Sod Lawn two times on the 2nd day for 15-20 minutes. Our recommended times are between 7am to 12pm. For the following 2 weeks, water once a day.

Watering is most effective if done during early morning hours, 3 or 4 am, when sunlight and heat cannot cause excessive evaporation. After your lawn becomes established it requires approximately 1 inches of water per week.

Week 3:

You may now start watering your lawn once a day for 15-20 minutes approximately.

Week 4:

You may now start watering your lawn every other day or less approximately depending on the weather.

Cut water back during the winter, sometimes your lawn will only require watering once or twice a month if the grass becomes dormant. If you need help getting started installing new sod grass for your home, please call Lawn Service Fort Worth for a customized quote.

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  1. Sod is an investment so treat it like one. I enjoyed the tips here. I’ve seen neighbors get sod and not have a clue how to care for it after it is installed (or they install it themselves). Thanks for these tips Lawn Service of Fort Worth. The next time my friend with a brown thumb gets some sod (he’s thinking of buying a new home), I’ll send him the link.

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