Gorgeous and User-Friendly Umbrellas for Your Patio

cantilever umbrellaOne of the best things about living in North Texas is our gorgeous summers. The grass is sparkling, the sun is beaming, and most everything is in bloom.

Sure, it gets hot. But if you’ve got a well-adorned patio area with plenty of shade, you can enjoy the Texas heat in comfort. Large patio tables with an umbrella in the center are a popular choice for outdoor furnishings.

But have you ever noticed how bulky they can be? Heavy, difficult to move, and it’s often a challenge to adjust the umbrella just so, to shade you as the sun rolls across the sky.

What if you want the comfort of shade, with the freedom of choosing patio furniture that fits your style better than a big clunky table? Cantilever patio umbrellas are versatile, attractive, and wonderfully easy to use. 

What makes them such a great choice?

They’re free-standing.

Cantilever umbrellas are not attached to any other furniture, meaning they’re easy to relocate. The small base, weighted base gives it a fairly narrow footprint. This makes it a breeze to move around your patio area.

Do you have some shade loving plants that need partial coverage? But maybe later in the day, you’d like to enjoy the shade yourself. No problem, just reposition the umbrella according to the sun’s position in the sky.

They’re adjustable. 

Most models have several different settings, so you can easily change the angle of the umbrella without moving the whole thing. This is a great feature for those balmy evenings when the sunlight is coming more from the side than directly above you.

They’re versatile.

Cantilever patio umbrellas come in a variety of shapes. Some have a straight pole, while others are curved, allowing you to place them directly over your favorite chair.

Many also have a joint in the pole, allowing you to adjust the height and reach of the umbrella. This allows you to accommodate potted plants, as well as patio furniture of any shape or size. Some of them even come with built-in LED lights, so you can enjoy a safely lit deck at night!

They’re weatherproof.

Both the base and the fabric are made with fully waterproof materials.  Your cantilever patio umbrella will outlast the full spectrum of weather conditions from one season to the next.

In fact, several models use heat-resistant aluminum for their base. This is a great design, because you’re never at risk of getting burnt when maneuvering your umbrella in the midday heat.

In Review:

  • These umbrellas can be scooted all over your backyard, because they stand alone and take up such a small amount of ground space.
  • They’re far easier to adjust and re-angle than traditional table umbrellas, making them vastly more user-friendly.
  • They come in a variety of heights, shapes, and colors that can easily complement your other backyard decor.
  • They’re weatherproof, and often come with heat-resistant aluminum poles, making them that much easier to handle and reposition.

Every lawn enthusiast knows that a beautiful, user-friendly yard is so much more than a healthy bed of grass. Artful landscaping, thriving plants, and an inviting outdoor living space really polish off the backyard aesthetic.

If you’re in the market to level-up your patio, deck, or poolside area, cantilever patio umbrellas are a wonderful, versatile addition to your backyard decor. Visit our friends at Peak Yard to discover a fantastic variety of options!

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