Ways to Stop Tree Growth

There are times its necessary to stop or inhibit the growth of trees in your yard. Your garden might need more sunlight where the larger tree hinders or the branches might interfere with the growth of nearby trees. There are a few things to be aware of, and this type of task will require extra time and effort.

During late winters, you can trim the limbs of the trees. On the other hand, during mid-summer, trimming down the branches is not enough because the season can stunt the growth easily.

Luckily, there are different ways for you to consider in keeping the trees at their present height. As a result, it is possible for you to help the plants receive enough sun while ensuring that the nearby trees can grow sufficiently.

Below is the list of valuable ways for you to stop tree growth.


It is possible for you to maintain the tree’s present branch diameter by performing a regular pruning, but you need to consider the type of tree. Although it will not completely stop the trees from growing, at least it can help you to have a control over the size. Its always a good idea to call in professional help for tree trimming, if you aren’t sure where to start.pruning crepe myrtle


One of the best ways to ensure that the tree won’t grow too tall is by planting a miniature variety. This type of tree is perfect if you have a smaller yard. You’ll notice their relatively small size, and when you choose this variety, they are easier to manage and more compact.


When planting a tree, its first important to consider the location to have an idea about the future growth of the canopy. Without considering future growth, you may be forced to perform heavy pruning or even destroy the tree. To find the right location, first determine the mature measurement as well as the growing behaviour of the tree.


Most new tree growth occurs at the end of each branch, at the canopy of the tree. To stop the tree growth, trim the branch at the new growth point. Various species of tree may respond differently to this method. Meaning, some might find a way to grow even though its been trimmed. The best thing to do is research the species of tree you’re trying to control.

If you’re worried about trees in your yard affecting the growth of other plants and trees, follow the above steps to avoid having to remove the tree completely. This way, you can keep your plants and trees in their best condition ensuring the lifespan of your landscape.

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